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The WILD Photo Awards were founded on the prospects of delivering talented photographers a global platform to showcase their work and offer a realistic opportunity to monetise their passion through regular photography competitions.

DiCecca - top-down view of map of Yosemite

Created by Photographers. For Photographers.

With the ambition to unite a community of like-minded people, the WILD Photo Awards were created by photographers with a love for the outdoor world.

Grizzly bear

We give away 50% of our income as prize money in every competition

The global community of wildlife photographers is continuously growing, and opportunities to make a living in this industry have never been more competitive. The WILD Photo Awards aims to offer another avenue of income to talented photographers by running back-to-back photography competitions every month throughout the year, offering uncapped prize money to our winning entrants in every competition.


Our prize money will always scale with the popularity of our competitions, and we won't ever cap what we give out.

Conservation through inspiration

Entering an image not only offers you the chance to win fantastic prize money, it also plants a tree somewhere in the world. Learn more

Every entry plants a tree

We believe our community shares our passion for wildlife and is the perfect place to act as a creative hub to showcase the natural beauty of our world. If you've ever entered images in to any of our competitions, you have been inspired to do so by our beautiful planet.

We want to do more than provide a platform for world class nature photography and with our entire ethos revolving around giving back, we plant a tree with Ripple Africa  for every image entered in to one of our competitions.

Robert Murray - view looking up the trunk of a silver virch tree

Not a popularity contest.

Every one of our competitions is judged anonymously by world renowned photographers.

A completely level playing field

Ever entered a community photo contest where the winner is decided by other participants voting for their favourite image, where tactical voting plays a part and images that that were submitted on the opening day of the competition usually end up winning? ​

Not here. All of our competitions are judged by expert photographers within their respected fields and judging doesn't begin until after the closing date of each competition.

Jonatan Pie - Arctic Fox
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