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March 2024



"As this majestic sea turtle leads us further into the depths, it’s joined by a trusty remora - an alliance that speaks volumes about the beauty of collaboration beneath the surface. The bond between turtle and remora mirrors our own potential for a harmonious relationship with the sea. The remoras benefits from this relationship by feeding on the scraps of the turtle's meals and also getting protection from predators while attached to the turtle. For the turtle, the remora's presence is largely neutral, however, it is thought that remoras might also help clean the turtle's shell by eating algae and parasites, although this isn't their primary purpose. Their gentle coexistence is a vibrant example of how working together can create a healthier ocean for all".

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"Don’t be afraid of the sharp spines or stings. This is slug caterpillar moth or cup moth larvae. Cup Moth larvae are often highly ornamented and brightly coloured. It has stinging spines called nettle caterpillars. A stinging slug caterpillar generally bears warning coloration and stinging hairs. These hairs can inject venom from poison sacs carried at their base that are used as defensive weapons. Reactions can range from a mild itching to a very painful sting. We can see various types of caterpillars in our daily life from our backyard garden to jungle. Here I wanted to create eye-catchy and attractive image by combining stings with the mushroom spores.


I have got this image at the local forest called “SAL BON”, outskirts of Cooch Behar town. This forest is under social forestry forest department of West Bengal Govt. where I frequently go with my camera. This forest is full of flora and fauna. This forest was made by the Maharajas of Cooch Behar (Narayana Dynasty) about 250 years ago. They must have thought that this forest area would one day supply oxygen to the people of Cooch Behar. But due to lack of proper care, maintenance and conservation, all the animal, bird and bio diversity flora & fauna of this forest area is getting lost day by day. This place has now become a hangout place for all kinds of drug addicts to criminals. I have repeatedly informed the Govt. officials about these but to no avail.


I always wish to present nature in an artistic way. One of the main objectives behind my nature photography is to present nature to the people in such a way that they feel interest and love in knowing and understanding the wonders, mysteries of nature. That's why I always want to photograph all the amazing, magical, unknown and unseen phenomenon of nature. To achieve this image I have to think and plan very hard. This is an in-camera multiple / double exposure image. Keeping the camera on a sturdy Sirui tripod I have taken both shots with Tamron 90 mm VC USD in same place but different positions - directions. I have used different white balance to achieve attractive colours".

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