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Unleash Your Photography Talent: Enter Our Free Competition!

Calling all passionate photographers and wildlife enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your talent and be rewarded for your skills. Our free photography competition is open to all, offering a chance to have your work featured on our Instagram page and be interviewed to share your unique perspective and stories behind your captivating imagery.

3 bees in a flower head

© Joris Vegter

Our competition is designed to celebrate the beauty of wildlife and nature through the lens of talented photographers like you. Whether you specialise in capturing breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring animal portraits, or the delicate dance of flora and fauna, this competition is your platform to shine.

The winner of our photography competition will receive a prize package that includes:

Behind the Lens: Cerys Bussey

  1. A full feature on our Instagram Page: Your winning photograph will be showcased on our Instagram page, exposing your talent to a wide and engaged audience of nature lovers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

  2. Exclusive Interview: We believe that every image has a story to tell. As the winner, you will have the opportunity to share your insights, inspirations, and experiences through an exclusive interview. This interview will be published on our website, giving you a platform to showcase your work and speak about the passion that drives your creativity. Read Cerys Bussey's interview for an idea of what you can expect!

*Please note that this competition is separate to our paid photography competitions and does not include any prize money and is limited to one entry per person.

How to Enter: Participating in our photography competition is simple and completely free. Follow these steps to showcase your work:

  1. Capture Your Best Shot: Explore the wonders of wildlife and nature, and capture that perfect moment that speaks to your artistic vision. Let your creativity run wild as you bring your unique perspective to life through your lens.

  2. Submit Your Entry: Visit our competition website and complete the easy submission process here. Upload your photograph, provide a brief description, and share the story behind your captivating image.

  3. Spread the Word: Come and connect with us on Instagram (this one's not a requirement but we'd love to see you there). Share your entry on social media platforms using the hashtag #wildphotoawards to inspire others and encourage them to participate.

Our team of experienced judges, renowned photographers, and wildlife experts will carefully review all entries and select the winner based on creativity, technical skill, composition, and the ability to convey a powerful message through the photograph. The judging process will be fair, transparent, and impartial.

Important Dates:

  • Competition Opens: 8th June 2023

  • Submission Deadline: 16th July 2023

  • Winner Announcement: 19th July 2023

Mountains sunset with ice in foreground

© Juan Lopez

This is your moment to showcase your talent to the world and make a lasting impact. Don't miss this opportunity to have your work featured on our Instagram page and share your unique perspective through an exclusive interview. Embrace the challenge, submit your best photograph, and let your passion for wildlife and nature shine. Remember, the deadline for submissions is approaching, so gather your best shots and enter our free photography competition today. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of our natural world and the extraordinary vision of talented photographers like you.


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